The Law Firm of Joseph P. McClelland, LLC aims to Create a Free Credit Report Course on Credit Reports, Credit Scores, Disputing Credit Report Errors, and Suing the Credit Reporting Agencies


The law firm of Joseph P. McClelland, LLC, aims to create a free credit report course on credit reports, credit scores, disputing credit report errors, and the rights of consumers when credit reports are inaccurate. A great benefit of the credit report course is that they intend it to be free to all US consumers. According to the law firm, the release date of the final product will be in early 2020.

However, if you are eager to get going with the course, there will be portions of the course to be rolled out during the last months of 2019.

So, in case you may be wondering why Joseph P. McClelland, LLC is creating this free credit report course. Well, here is your answer, Joseph P. McClelland explains that the course has been designed because of the amount of incorrect information out there. Because large finance companies may benefit from the lack of transparency, he feels this needs to be done for consumers. He intends to make this the go-to-source for understanding your credit rights. Within the course itself, you will have access to videos, articles, and templates.

Also, on their website, you can go to the Joseph P. McClelland, LLC Newsroom, and you can read about any recent consumer protection news. One currently in the newsroom is an identity book release uploaded back in August of this year. The article is about the consumer protection attorney Joseph P. McClelland, LLC, who released a book for the victims of identity theft. In the book, the consumer protection attorney covers the steps that victim of identity theft takes, and a template to use to dispute the identity theft accounts and bring it to the attention of credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, etc.

Joseph P. McClelland, LLC is happy to provide you with a free consultation call if you have any questions about your rights of a consumer, this is why the course being created will become very useful if you are stuck in a dispute for credit report errors, for example.

During a free consultation call or a strategy call as Joseph P. McClelland, LLC calls it, and you will find out if your rights have been violated and you will learn to take the correct steps, the consumer protection attorney will go through your case’s value during the call. Before the call, Joseph P. McClelland, LLC recommends thinking of some questions before you ring as it will be essential to ask as many questions to get a better understanding of your case. You want the law firm to look at and have it handy before the call. They will answer them for you, and after the call, they may organize another call if they believe you have a case, and they will proceed accordingly.

Contact Joseph P. McClelland, LLC today, on 7707750938 if you have any queries about the free credit report course. It is free for all US consumers, and it will be released in full in 2020, but you can also avail of some portions of the course during the last few months of 2019. Visit their website at to read more about the free report course, or if you are wondering about the various locations Joseph P. McClelland, LLC has around the country.


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