Can Apple Iphone 11 be Next Microsoft Kinect?

Few leaks from Apple Iphone 11 have shown there are three cameras at the back. The cameras are aligned in such a way that they form a triangular shape. Experts from technology domain are saying that these cameras may be introduced to make 3d mapping.

3d mapping is the technology where camera can see the depth of the image in front. The technology was first introduced by Microsoft kinect. In this device camera was able to map the person. The device can check the human skeleton. When the user does exercise the character in the game also performs the same.

According to rumors, Apple iphone 11 may have introduced this feature and now users can map themselves or their rooms with depth sensing device.

Depth sensing cameras can be very useful as they increase the accuracy of cameras by 100 times and your snapchat filters will be right fit on your face.

Depth sensor cameras will be new innovation for developers as they can introduce a lot of apps for users and new startups will also emerge in this case.

The whole new revenue window is there if the iphone11 has such feature of depth cameras.

As these are rumors let’s wait and watch if iphone11 has the depth cameras.